Our Services

Based on our research and outstanding pool of talents, experts & partners we can deliver various services. Our clients are communities, area developers, and cities.

Urban Vision, Strategy & Design

  • Startup Cities
  • Regenerative & smart Districts
  • Living Labs
  • Innovation Parks
  • Special Economic Zones

Digital Placemaking Tools

  • Participation Tool that involves citizens in the design process in an immersive way
  • Planning and Simulation Tool that supports communities, area developers and cities in designing & simulating regenerative, smart and culturally thriving districts.

Metaverse, Tokenomics & DAOs

  • Metaverse: Concept & implementation (with a special focus on the virtual-physical interaction)
  • Tokenomics: Design of web3-based socio-technical, economic and governance systems
  • DAOs: DAO Configuration & Community Building
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Why us?

Pool of outstanding talents

Access to a broad network of academic & industry experts

Holistic & systemic approach

Integrative understanding of social & technological megatrends and how they transform the way we live and work in future villages & cities

Use of the latest digital planning and simulation technologies

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