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The Challenge

Climate change, growing social inequalities, and reoccurring economic- and financial crises are signs that our current system is becoming increasingly dysfunctional. At the same time, groundbreaking innovations in the foundational sectors open up new ways on how we can live and organize our society in the 21st century.
Switzerland is a highly risk-averse country where it is difficult to test systemic innovations in today’s villages and cities because of regulatory hurdles, path dependencies, the existing institutional landscape, and fear of change.

The Solution

The Next Generation Village will function as a societal living lab, where the pioneer citizens together with private & public partners can prototype and test cutting-edge technological and infrastructural innovations, as well as newly emerging monetary-, economic-, and governance systems within a special innovation zone. When proven successful, the solutions can be transferred to the outside world.


We follow a holistic approach by exploring how social, infrastructural and technological innovations across various sectors provide the building blocks for regenerative, advanced & thriving communities and give answers to the greatest challenges of our time.

Circular Economy

Sustainable Construction

Regenerative Agriculture

Renewable Energy

Smart Mobility

Space Exploration

Robotics & AI

Web3 & Metaverse


Health & Longevity

Art, Music & Culture

Adventure & Sports

Value for Stakeholders


Become a pioneer and rebuild society from ground up (Mars Civilization on Earth)

Live and work as part of a thriving community of visionaries, dreamers, entrepreneurs, creatives and builders

Leave a legacy to the world and future generations by building a lighthouse for human progress

Partner Region

Become the place where the world of tomorrow is being built

Increase the region’s attractiveness as a business, residential, and tourist destination

Benefit from an innovation- and learning transfer in areas such as circular economy, renewable energy, regenerative farming, sustainable construction, smart city, digital governance and many more


Participate in the success of the Next Gen Village

Get early access to the cutting-edge inventions & innovations developed in the Next Generation Village

Benefit from the increase of the land- and property value

Leave a legacy to the world and future generations by building a lighthouse for human progress

Startups & Corporates

Develop & test solutions with the pioneer citizens in a living lab environment

Build and test prototypes together with the citizens on a next-era infrastructure and in a special regulatory zone before launching on global markets.

Work together with some of the brightest entrepreneurs, scientists, coders, builders and creatives in an open and collaborative innovation environment.

Showcase to the world how your organization helps to build a better future.


Co-build a “startup village” where socio-political innovations can be tested without affecting the stability of the outside system

Support a generational project that sparks society's imagination, unleashes a spirit of optimism, and unites people through a common vision of a brighter future.

Get access to our test bed for e-governance, digital democracy, and policy innovations that are being simultaneously developed with emergent technologies.

Gain international reputation & relevance as a “Sustainable Innovation Nation”.


We have secured our first site to build a Next Gen Village and are currently raising funds.
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