Panel at WEF side event

Panel on the topic “Web3’s climate impact: can it help us get to net zero?

Panelists: Foresight Institute, Crypto Commons Association, Hyphen Earth, Next Generation Village


January 16, 2023

Showcase Underground Mars Hotel

Opening of our Showcase of an Underground LivinG Space / Art Gallery at the World Systemic Forum. The space is located inside a 6km long cave system that provides an out-of-this world experience by connecting the archaic cave with futuristic design.

Project Partners: Next Generation Village, The HUS, Design Studio Pararaum & Mission Earth First

Rock Skin Project

World Systemic Forum
January 14, 2023

Opening Keynote at ReFi Zurich

Keynote by Ralph Horat on the topic “How Decentralized Technologies provide the Building Blocks for a Regenerative Society”.

University of Zurich
November 26, 2022

Keynote at Harvest Kaplankaya

Keynote Speech (30 min) at Harvest Kaplankaya(300+ attendees) by Ralph Horat on the topic “Harnessing the Power ofTransformative Technologies to Empower Community Design“.

Panelists: Thomas Ermacora (Futurist & Urbanist), DrorBensherit (CEO Dror), John Brevard (Architect), Christian Jochnick(Founder Juntos Ibiza), Ralph Horat (Founder Next Generation Village)



Six Senses Resort Kaplankaya
October 12, 2022

Panel "A glimpse into the Future"

Panel organized by Dezentrum on the Future of Living Spaces.

Panelists: Una Wang & Jens Hunhevice (No1s1 ETHZ), Lukas Amacher (Dialectic AG), Dr. des. Marlene Wenger (,  Ralph Horat (Next Generation Village), Céline Werdelis (Moderation SRF)

Youtube Video

The Gallery Zurich
June 5, 2022

Keynote at Impact Gstaad Circle

Ralph Horat presents the Next Generation Village at the Impact Circle in Gstaad in front of 200 influential Gstaad residents & companies who have a measurable impact on local and global sustainable ecological, economic and social development.

The Alpina Gstaad
February 10, 2022

Keynote & Panel "Was wünscht sich die Schweiz"

What are Switzerland's hopes andwishes for the future? How do we develop a vision for our society together? Andhow do we implement it?

Panelists: Andreas Krafft (Academic Director of Hope Barometer Switzerland), Anna Graber (Artist and Founder of Café des Visions), Ralph Horat (Founder of the Next Generation Village), Giulia Staub (Moderation Radio Zürisee)



Vögele Kulturzentrum
October 28, 2021

Brainbooster "Utopien bauen"

In this Online Session Ralph Horat talks about the role of Utopias from ancient Greece until today and how progress in the foundational sectors could enable us to dream & build a better future.

Online Session
July 27, 2021